Gravant un disc antic de Louis Armstrong

>Canon EOS 550D and Terratec DMX6 FireChristman has gone, and I have a new camera that I want to use as a full HD video recorder.

Last week I recorded an 1961 Louis Armstrong recording from LP to mp3, using my new Canon EOS 550D as videorecorder, and my new (but 8 years old) Terratec DMX6 Fire 24/96 audio interface as audio recorder. And everything using open source tools (linux OS, Ardour DAW, ffmpeg video processing). The album is called Sincerely. Louis Armstrong, and the song is called If, and I bought this old single years ago in a Barcelona flee market. Google thanks, I found information about the single:
Decca 29421: Sincerely (Louis Armstrong With Sonny Burke’s Orchestra – 1955)

Armstrong, Louis (Trumpet, Vocal)
Burke, Sonny (Conductor)
Candoli, Pete (Trumpet)
Young, Trummy (Trombone)
Bigard, Barney (Clarinet)
Ruffell, Donald (Saxophone)
Gentry, Chuck (Saxophone)
Koch, Jos Cook (Saxophone)
Kyle, Billy (Piano, Celeste)
Shaw, Arvell (Bass)
Deems, Barrett (Drums)

The resulting video is not realiiy full HD, just HD (1280×720) because the video combines the camera recording and a screencast, and the combination of screen and nvidia graphics card limits the overall resolution.

The resulting wav and mp3 files have fine quality. The recording levels are OK, without saturation, and the only noise you can listen is the noise expected from an old LP recording, just the noise that some people like to listen in this sort of ancient recordings.

So this video is a test of the capabilities of my Canon EOS 550D as a video camera, and my Terratec PCI audio interface as a linux compatible device.